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What makes us different?

We bring a unique blend of skills and experiences.  Strategy, foresight, innovation.  Marketing, sales.  Commerciality, creativity, leadership.   And a great network of super talented friends.  So we will always challenge with a fresh perspective.


We combine big picture thinking with practical, tactical actions.  We think big but we love getting stuff done in the here and now with real commercial impact.  So you'll be able to get moving, quickly.   And we always end with a clear next step.


We believe that change starts and ends with people.  And we’re experienced at engaging teams to make this happen.  We're radiators not drains.  So we'll always help you make positive change, not matter how tough the problem. 

This is Henry, CEO and Co-Founder. 


With over 25 years experience, he's managed and grown brands when client side (GSK, Nestle, Cadbury).  He's grown consulting businesses (The Henley Centre, Kantar Consulting).  And he's helped clients around the world grow.


He's passionate about the connection between foresight driven strategy and innovation, getting stuff done in the here and now with real commercial impact, and delivery through engaged people and teams.


He brings a breadth of perspective and real world experience so you can uncover new opportunities and fresh insights.  He’ll help you make the complex, simple so you can prioritise decisions and move forward with confidence.  He’ll work with you to create a clear, actionable plan so that you can increase your impact and drive greater business momentum.  



Collaboration is core to how we work at Coast.  You need it to come up with breakthrough ideas.  And it's essential to turn your ideas into reality.

That's why we always work in partnership with you.   And we bring together just the right people from our network to solve the challenge you're facing.

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